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I try to keep my website up to date as much as possible.  The gallery has many examples of past knives and current knives that are available for purchase.  If you would like to purchase an in stock knife you may contact me at  I accept payment via cash, Paypal and E transfer.  If you would like a custom option you simply have to contact me.  I'll forward an order form where you can provide me with all the pertinent information.    In stock, knives will have the prices shown.  Additional costs for shipping may also be required.  


There are examples of knives I have made within the gallery.   You can purchase an available knife, a custom knife based on a knife within the gallery or pick and choose every option.  You can even send a picture of a knife you like and I can work from that.    If you decide that you would like an original design, I'll work with you to select the blade shape, size, geometry and handle material and accents that best suit your purposes.  You are fully guaranteed.  If you do not like the final product you simply don't have to pay and I will sell the knife on the gallery.  The only thing I ask is that I receive payment before delivery or shipment. You will receive photos of the knife before finalizing the purchase.




I try to price my knives in a similar price bracket as what quality knives can be bought for in stores.  All prices are based on a 5-6" long by 1" wide blade costing $100.00.  Depending on the options you choose, the price will increase or decrease.  Simply put a 1 next to the options you would like to price noting that each option shows the related cost.  The sheet will provide you with an estimated subtotal at the bottom based on your selections. This price is an estimate and final the price will be provided after consultation.

Each knife will require about 3 to 8 hours to make depending on the options and design.  Another significant component of the price is the consumables required to make each knife.  Epoxy, pin stock, liners, wood, stabilizing, grinding belts and shipping all need to be factored into the price.

The Knife Cost Estimation Form can be found Here: 


Once you have decided on the type of knife and options you want you must contact me for an official quote.  I will go over the options you have chosen to ensure that you have the blade that will suit you best.  If you are unsure about any options or would like an option that I don't have listed we can discuss what I can provide.  Once all the details have been finalized, I will begin construction on your knife.  Once completed, I will contact you with photos and to arrange payment.  

Important Notes:

As every knife is handcrafted using natural materials, each and every knife will be slightly different.  If you order a set of steak knives, there will be subtle differences between each knife.

Making knives is a hobby.  I do this after hours and on weekends.  As such, the lead time for a custom knife will vary upon availability of materials and existing orders.  Although I have often delivered custom knives within 1 week, in general, I recommend at least 2 months lead time, not including delivery.    I will provide an estimated timeline of completion at the time of ordering.   Timelines will depend on options and available materials and if I need to order new materials.  

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