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Are the knives guaranteed?

I guarantee my knives for life.  Customer satisfaction is everything to me so I don't want bad reviews.  If you damage your knife I will try to fix it or refund your money assuming it's returned to me.  

Are the knives dish washer safe?

It is never recommended to put a premium knife in a dishwasher and my knives are no different.  As these knives use natural material, a dishwasher cycle will likely destroy the handle.

Is there anything not covered by the Warranty?

For the time being no.  If you don't take care of the knife or break or bend it trying to pry open an Abrahams tank or destroy the handle in the dishwasher I will still refund your money so long as you provide me with the original knife.  These aren't pry bars and are meant for cutting. If I find people are taking advantage of this, I will be forced to put limitations on the warranty.

Why are the Knives so Expensive?

Each knife is made from steel that will far outperform comparable knives in stores but you have the advantage of designing your own knife.  These aren't for everyone but once you try a premium knife you will likely be hooked.  Each and every component is made by hand and handcrafted quality costs time and money. The steel is a small component of the cost.  Abrasives are expensive.  Each knife will take between 3 and 8 hours to craft and require specilaized equpment.



Do you sharpen knives?

If you purchase a knife from me, I will provide free sharpening once a year (so long as you deliver and pick it up).  No, I do not sharpen your store-bought knives.

Some spots are blacked out in the order form?

These are for options I may offer in the future.  They are not yet offered likely because I'm still perfecting that technique and am not willing to sell a blade until I'm 100% satisfied with my abilities.

Do you hand forge your blades?

No, my blades are made from stainless steel.  Stainless steel requires sophisticated heat treat recipes and are air hardening steels making forging very difficult. I make my blades by Stock Removal.  This means that I take sheets of steel and cut out the blade and shape on my 2x72" belt grinder. 

Do you offer carbon blades?

Yes I do. Please contact me for the available options.

Do you make Swords or Fantasy Blades?

No.  I'm limited by the length  of blade by my heat treat oven.  Therefore I can't properly heat treat a sword.  As for Fantasy blades, the answer is also No. I have no interest in making a knife replica from a video game only to have someone deny payment and then not be able to sell it.  This also goes for Zombie killers.

How do I care for my Knife?

The knives are made from high-quality stainless steel so corrosion should not be an issue unless it's for diving for which I would use different steel.  The handle may be natural wood depending on your preferences.  Wood absorbs water shrinks and swells.  To prevent this, I will apply multiple coats of wax to protect them.  This wax will break down over time and you should apply more wax over time to protect the finish.  You should avoid soaking your knife in water.  When washing, just run under the tap and dry as soon as possible.  If you have a synthetic handle you just need to watch out for extreme heat. 

Don't use glass or bamboo cutting boards.  A quality end grain cutting board is best for preserving the edge.  When sliding vegetables off the cutting board, don't use the edge.  This rolls the edge and dulls knives very quickly.  Flip the knife over and use the spine. 

Don't use an abrasive sponge, SOS pad or scotch bright to wash the knife as this could mar the finish.  

How should I store my knife?

Knife Blocks are best followed by magnetic holders.  If stored in a drawer, they must be in a sheeth or saya to protect the edge.

Do you make integral bolsters?

No, as my knives are made via stock removal my bolsters are pinned on.  

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